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Although we strive to offer all relevant information about products and link to suppliers in our sales pages where you can read more information and make a purchase, many owners like to go to the Company Website that is behind the product to read a little more.

This is a resource, for your convenience, of the Company Websites of the makers behind the popular products that we talk about on the cheap pet meds site here.

We hope you find it helpful if you are searching for more background details and information on the product maker in question.

Flea Medicine Company Websites

Advantage: By Bayer DVM, Cats, Dogs

Frontline Plus: Brought to you by Merial

Capstar: From Novartis

Fiproguard (generic Frontline): Fiproguards Website, brought to you by Seargeant’s

K9 Advantix II: Also by Bayer DVM, see their Advantix page

Heartworm Medicine Company Websites

Advantage Multi: By BayerDVM (again!)

Heartgard and Heartgard Plus Chewables: Via Merial

Interceptor: Manufactured by Novartis

Nuheart: Made by Nuheart

Proheart: Manufactured by Pfizer

Revolution: See Pfizer’s Revolution page

Sentinel: Made Novartis, see the Sentinel Website here

Tri-Heart Plus: A subsidiary of Merck Animal Health, see their dedicated page here

Valuheart: Made by Value Plus

Joint Supplement Company Websites

Cosequin: By Nutramax Labs

Dasuquin: Also by Nutramax, see their Dasuquin page here

Glyco-Flex: By Vetri Science

Phycox: See the Phycox site here

Kidney Medications

Azodyl: Brought to you by Vetoquinol

Epakitin: Also by Vetoguinol, see the Epakitin page here


Panacur C: Brought to us by Merck

Tradewinds Tape Worm Tabs: See the Tradewinds page here

Hopefully this resource has been useful to you.

Many of the pages linked to give plenty of technical details about the products, more information on active ingredients, and even history behind the suppliers.

Please see our product pages here on the site for actual suppliers of all products at the best possible prices.