Epakitin For Dogs And Cats

Epakitin Dogs CatsEpakitin for Dogs and Epakitin for Cats can be used in conjunction with Azodyl, or alone. We have sourced the best price Epakitin so that owners can purchase for a discount and get the many benefits Epakitin can offer to pets with chronic renal failure. It helps to prevent chronic kidney failure and has been shown to actually stimulate kidney function.


Buy discount Epakitin in a number of different sizes, this is a powder than is sprinkled on food, and works well with a diet prescribed for renal failure, i.e one low in phosphorous. Give 1 gram per 5 Kg of body weight twice daily with a meal.

There is no doubt that Epakitin can help tremendously for many pets suffering from chronic renal failure. We know how important a medication this can be and have found a great supplier. The aim here is to allow all pet owners to take advantage of low prices online. So we only ever point you to sources that we know offer the best prices and the best service.

Never pay more than you need to and buy Epakitin cheap from our top recommendation.


Lactose, Calcium Carbonate, Chitosan

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