Azodyl For Dogs And Cats

Azodyl Dogs CatsWe have found cheap Azodyl for Dogs and Azodyl for Cats at a discount price. Well below the RRP thanks to our chosen supplier. Azodyl for the best price is available so you can take advantage of the many benefits this kidney medication has to offer, no prescription needed.

Kept Cool

Azodyl is shipped overnight refrigerated and then must continue to be kept cool. It is administered in capsule form and must be given direct and whole, disguised in food is the best solution.


By utilizing beneficial bacteria to create  a totally natural Enteric Dialysis, Azodyl lowers the toxin build up that occurs in the blood which then lowers kidney function.

If Azotemia has begun to show signs of being prevalent then Azodyl for Cats and Dogs is given to flush out these toxins and to improve kidney function. We have a discount Azodyl price so this is certainly a great and affordable option and is a natural supplement.

Renal failure and disease is all too common and Azodyl is then often prescribed by vets. It is also safe to use with our kidney medications but it is worth telling your vet that Azodyl is a part of the medication used. It can also be used with products such as Epakitin.


Kibow Biotics, E. thermophilus, L. acidophilus, B. longum, Psyllium husk

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