Cosequin For Cats

Cosequin For CatsCosequin for Cats, just like Cosequin for Dogs, is the most popular joint supplement currently available. Having searched for a great supplier, you can buy cheap Cosequin for Cats at a discount price online and there is no doubt that for many animals it is very effective indeed.

The Cosequin for Cats price means that it is certainly the best choice initially for owners who have a pet that is suffering from joint or arthritis problems. An initial loading phase of 4-6 weeks normally sees a marked improvement in suppleness, a reduction in swelling and pain and a great freedom of movement. For many owners the results in just a few days are miraculous.

Cosequin For Cats Arthritis Relief

The discount Cosequin for Cats is available in a simple formula that is sprinkled on to their food. Results can be almost instant in some cases but a number of weeks may be needed in some cases for an improvement to be seen. Once you have finished the initial loading phase then a maintenance dose can be given to keep them in the improved condition.


Glucosamine Hydrochloride 125 mg, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 100mg, Manganese 1 mg per capsule

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