Trifexis no Prescription

Trifexis no prescriptionBuy-NowTrifexis without prescription is now available from our recommended supplier, and we could not be happier with this new addition. Trifexis, also known as Panoramis, is just about the most comprehensive medication of its type. A simple pill that deals with not only heartworms, but fleas and many intestinal parasites at the same time! No need to send in an RX, the supplier takes care of that for you by contacting your vet.

Trifexis for Dogs

This is a palatable beef flavored chewable that Dogs love. Although it is best given in conjunction with food for it to reach maximum effectiveness.


The active ingredients in this medication are spinosad & milbemycin oxime. Read how they work in conjunction here.

Who Makes it

This is brought to us by Elanco. They have a site all about Trifexis here.

How it Works

First let’s look at exactly what this medication guards against, and treats for:

  • Stops heartworm disease developing by killing immature heartworms
  • Kills fleas
  • Eliminates roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • and whipworms

The active ingredients work on the nervous systems of the parasites. First causing paralysis, and resulting in death. This is a fast acting medication that delivers excellent results with just once a month medicating.

How to Administer

Simply give the flavored tablet once a month with food, that as all that is needed. It will protect for the entire month and is about as simple a way to protect your pet as is currently available.

Common Questions

Does this really protect against all these problems?

It really does. It is one of the most comprehensive medications of its type currently available.

How is Trifexis with no RX an option?

Because we believe owners shouldn’t have to go to this trouble and our chosen supplier will deal with your vet for you.

Is this the best price Trifexis?

We think it is the best deal online, as there are no RX costs involved.

Is it safe?

Very. Side effects are very rare as long as you follow the guidelines in the safety chapter.

Safety Instructions

Trifexis is for Dogs only, never Cats. And is for Dogs over 5 lbs only. Puppies under 8 weeks of age should never be given this medication. It should be kept well away from children and pets.

Never use if you already use a similar medication, and never give more than once a month. If you are considering giving to breeding females then consult with a vet. If any adverse reactions do occur then your vet should also be consulted.

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