Revolution For Cats no Prescription


Revolution for Cats with no prescription is currently available and customers love the simplicity of ordering through our recommended supplier. Just like with Revolution for Dogs we have sourced the best price Revolution for Cats online so take advantage of the cheap price and the ease of ordering and buy the most popular heartworm medicine and flea treatment for Cats currently on the market.

Buy Revolution for Cats

The cheap Revolution for Cats not only ensures that heartworms are not an issue but it also eliminates fleas. Fleas are treated at all stages of their cycle so eggs and adults are both a thing of the past. It ensures that your Cat stays flea free for the month.

A non-pesticide it is the safest way to treat for these common problems. A minimal dose is all that is required to keep your pet free of fleas and heartworms. At almost the same low price as Frontline Plus for Cats it does so much more than just get rid of fleas.


Selamectin is the active ingredient. See how it works here on Wikipedia.

Who Makes it

Revolution is manufactured by Pfizer, and has an umbrella site here. Although it is worth noting they seem to have now changed their name to Zoetis.

How Revolution for Cats Works

For a topical solution this is a very effective, and comprehensive, medication.

  • Kills heartworms when young
  • Kills adult fleas
  • Stops flea eggs developing
  • Controls and treats problematic ear mites
  • Controls and treats for roundworms

The nervous systems of the pests are affected, causing them to become paralyzed, and death is the result. It means that once a month we simply apply and our pets are safe from these many issues.

How to Apply

Application could not be simpler. We simply first ensure that we buy the right size medication for our Cat.

  1. Break the seal on the tube
  2. Part the fur at the base of the neck until we see the skin
  3. Place the tube upside down directly onto the skin
  4. Squeeze out all the contents
  5. Repeat once a month only

That is all there is to it.

Common Questions

There areĀ  number of questions asked on a regular basis so we will try to cover them here.

How is it available without prescription?

Some jurisdictions can ship without the need for one, and we like suppliers that give this option.

Is this the best price to buy Revolution for Cats?

As far as we could tell. Especially with the no RX option.

Is it safe?

As long as you follow the instructions on how to use it then side effects are very rare. Just ensure you never use it if you are using another heartworm medication.

Can you use Revolution for Cats on Dogs?

No, the right medication for the right animal should always be used.

Safety Information

It goes without saying that it should always be stored well away from children and animals. Make sure that you never apply more than once monthly. And always follow the application instructions.

Ensure the use by date has not passed, and never apply unless you know it is safe to do so. If you notice any adverse reactions then contact your vet.

Keep well away from the eyes of pets and humans, and try to never get the solution onto your own skin.

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