Heartgard Plus Without Prescription

Heartgard Plus Chewables

Buy Heartgard Plus Chewables without prescription. We are one of the few sites where our chosen supplier can ship Heartgard Plus with no prescription. The best price and best possible service combined with the simplicity of ordering without needing to send in a vet prescription makes this the number one bestselling heartworm medicine currently available. The supplier we recommend offers great prices and a fantastic customer service.

Heartgard Plus For Dogs

Heartgard Plus for Dogs treats for heartworms and roundworms and hookworms in the tastiest possible way. A tasty beef chewable means that monthly medication time is actively looked forward to by the animals.

No more worrying about how to get your pet to swallow a pill, they see the Heartgard Plus chewables as a lovely monthly treat. It takes the worry out of the whole process, you know for certain that your pet is protected as you see them devour the chewable in seconds.


Ivermectin and Pyrantel are the two active ingredients.

Who Makes it

The manufacturer of Heartgard is Merial. Their Heartgard site is here.

How it Works

Heartgard Plus is by far the most popular of the many heartworm medications currently available. This is because it not only stops heartworms but ensures common intestinal worms are dealt with at the same time.

  • Eliminates developing immature heartworms
  • Treats for roundworms
  • Treats for hookworms

The active ingredients work by first paralysing the nervous systems of the parasites, and death results soon after. It is fast acting and very effective at ensuring your pet is protected. This comprehensive medication is extremely effective at ensuring that your pet stays free of these common issues.

How to Administer

It couldn’t be simpler.

All we have to do is to give a chewable beef flavored tablet once a month. Never more often than that. Once monthly all through the year will keep your pet protected.

The chewables are not meant to be swallowed whole though. It is important that they are broken up into smaller pieces and given to your Dog if they are liable to simply gulp down the whole thing is a second!

As they are so tasty this is often what is recommended.

Common Questions

What if I miss a dose of Heartgard?

Simply give as soon as you remember. As long as it has not been long since you should have medicated then your pet is going to be safe.

Is Heartgard safe for puppies?

It is, as long as you do not give to Dogs under 6 weeks of age.

Is this the best price for Heartgard Plus?

We think it is the best price online. At least from a supplier that we have confidence in. With the no prescription option being offered as well we think it is the best deal.

Why is it prescription free?

The supplier ships from as jurisdiction that does not require a prescription, so owners can buy with no hassle. But you must ensure that your pet is safe to have the medication, which means no existing heartworm condition.

Is it safe for Collies?

Some herding Dogs have an issue with medications that contain Ivermectin. It is best to consult with your vet before you decide to use Heartgard.

Safety Information

All medications should be kept away from children and animals.

Never give more than once monthly, and never if you are using any other form of heartworm medicine.

Ensure the product is well within date, and always medicate using the recommended dosage.

If any side effects are observed then contact your vet straight away.

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