Generic Heartgard Plus Without Prescription

Heartgard Plus Chewables

A generic form of Heartgard Plus Chewables, the generic Heartgard Plus chewables are a heartworm medicine that is purchased by a growing number of owners wishing to medicate for the lowest possible price. Available without prescription you can buy generic Heartgard Plus no prescription for the best price online. The supplier we found ships quickly and, as always, we picked a supplier with amazingly low prices.

Generic Heartgard Plus

Generic Heartgard Plus chewables are tasty and soft so medicating is never an issue. With the exact same great results as Heartgard Plus heartworms plus roundworms and hookworms are eliminated easily and quickly with once a month medicating.

For anyone on a budget there is simply no doubt that generic Heartgard is the best possible choice. It works exactly the same as the branded option but at a lower cost.


Ivermectin & Pyrantel, the exact same ingredients to be found in the branded version.

How it Works

Generic Heartgard for Dogs works in the exact same manner as the brand option. Ivermectin interferes with the nervous system of the immature heartworms, which after initial paralysis results in death.

Pyrantel Pamoate works in a similar way to eliminate intestinal worms.

How to Administer

The beef flavored chewables are very palatable to Dogs, so administering is simplicity itself. The chewables are not meant to be swallowed whole though. So if your Dog is prone to this then it is best to break the medication into smaller parts and offer them consecutively.

Generic Heartgard Plus is to be given once every month and no more often that this. And it is not to be given if other heartworm medications are also currently being used.

It should also not be give to Dogs with known issues to certain medications. Particularly Collies that can have adverse reactions to medications that contain Ivermectin.

Commmon Questions

There are a number of common concerns regarding this product, as well as questions we get on a regular basis.

Is it safe?

It is, as long as you use as recommended, and your pet is not allergic to the active ingredients.

Are generics as good as the brand options?

Absolutely! Generics, by law, must contain the same active ingredients in the same ratios, so although cheaper they work in exactly the same way.

Can I use Heartgard on Cats?

No, this product is for Dogs only.

Is this the best price for generic Heartgard Plus?

As far as we can tell then our chosen supplier offers the best prices online, especially considering it is prescription free.

How is it prescription free?

This is because the suppliers ship from outside of jurisdictions that require prescriptions. It does mean that you must be certain your pet is adult heartworm free before you use this product. Owners must be responsible and only use if they know it is safe to do so.

Side effects?

They are unusual, but if problems occur then consult with your vet as soon as possible.

Should it be used all year?

This is what is recommended. It ensures that your pet stays heartworm free, and is never put at risk.

Safety Information

Never give to puppies under 6 weeks of age. Ensure it is kept away from children and animals at all times. And ensure it is administered correctly. Which means never more than once monthly. Herding Dogs may have adverse reactions to Ivermectin in some cases. It is important that your vet recommends this product if you have concerns of the suitability for your Dog.

Never give more than the recommend dosage, and never use in conjunction with other heartworm medications.

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