Advantage Multi For Dogs no Prescription

Advantage Multi for Dogs

Advantage Multi for Dogs without prescription is currently available from a supplier we trust and at the best price online, just like the deals we found for Advantage Multi for Cats. Buy Advantage Multi for Dogs cheap and with no fuss. Advantage Multi is one of the most popular heartworm medicine options because it is a combination treatment.

Advantage Multi

Not only does Advantage Multi ensure that your pet stays free of heartworms but it also ensures that the following are eliminated as well.

  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
  • Sarcoptic Mange
  • Lice

This medication offers the most comprehensive protection for the lowest possible price. The cost is almost exactly the same as the very popular flea medication Frontline Plus for Dogs so it is the perfect choice for many owners.


Imidacloprid and Moxidectin are the 2 active ingredients in this product.

Who Makes it

Bayer are the company behind Advantage Multi. You can read more about it at their sister site PetParents.

How Advantage Multi Works

This is a broad spectrum externally applied solution that eliminates fleas and deals with intestinal worms and heartworms in a very rapid and efficient manner. The central nervous systems of the parasites are effected by one of the two ingredients which results in paralysis, and death is soon  the result.

How to Apply

Application is simple and very effective. We only need to apply once a month to protect our pets from flea infestations, lice, heartworms and even mange. Ensure you only apply externally directly to the skin, and keep well away from the eyes and mouth of your pet.

  1. Break the seal on the tube
  2. Part the fur at the base of the neck until you can see the skin
  3. Turn the tube upside down and place directly onto the skin
  4. Squeeze out the full contents directly onto the skin
  5. Repeat once monthly for full protection

Once applied Advantage Multi will guard against heartworms and common intestinal worms, as well as treat for existing flea infestations, and stop future outbreaks from occurring.

Common Questions

Is this the best price for Advantage Multi for Dogs?

We think so. At least from suppliers we know are genuine and reliable.

Is it safe?

There is always a risk of side effects with any medication, but cases are very rare indeed. Just ensure you sue as directed and never apply more often than once monthly.

How is Advantage Multi without RX available?

We pick suppliers that ship from outside of jurisdictions that need a prescription, as it allows pet owners to make savings and order quickly. It does mean that you must ensure that it is safe to use on your pet.

Can this be used for Cats?

No. You need to use the correct product for the animal being treated. Dosages vary so you should ensure that you not only use the product for the right animal, but also for the right size of your pet too.

Safety Information

Please ensure that you keep all meds away from children and animals too.

Never allow it to come into contact with the eyes or to be licked by the animal. You should also try not to get any solution on your own skin.

If any adverse effects are shown then consult with a vet immediately. Side effects are rare though.

Never apply more often than is recommended, and always ensure the product is within date.

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