K9 Advantix II For Dogs

K9 Advantix II

Choose between regular Bayer K9 Advantix or the new and improved K9 Advantix II for Dogs. Buy discount Advantix online at the best possible price thanks to our great supplier.  Advantix, just like Frontline for Dogs, is a topical solution applied externally that gives a months protection against fleas. We also now have a supplier for the highly discounted generic K9 Advantix.

K9 Advantix II

Advantix II gives the following protection.

  • Eradicates fleas
  • Eradicates flea eggs
  • Eradicates flea larvae
  • Stops mosquitoes biting
  • Stops ticks

This means that in just 12 hours 98-100 percent of all forms of fleas are eliminated. Protection then lasts for a month. It also ensures that ticks are repelled and destroyed if they bite. And mosquitoes are repelled before they can bite your Dog too.

A very effective flea and tick treatment for a low price makes k9 Advantix II for Dogs the best possible choice for many owners. Buy discount Advantix today and get a months protection from each application.


Imidacloprid 8.80%, Permethrin* 44.00%, Pyriproxyfen 0.44%

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