Generic K9 Advantix For Dogs

generic K9 Advantix

A discount generic K9 Advantix for Dogs is now available. K9 Advantix II is still more than affordable but for the lowest possible price then we have generic Advantix for Dogs. Very cheap it is still just as effective as the more branded item.

UPDATE: The generic option is no longer available. But the brand has come down in price and is now just as cheap as the generic ever was!!!

Generic Advantix

As with the branded name Advantix treats for a number of common problems. It does the following very effectively.

  • Eradicates fleas
  • Eradicates flea eggs
  • Eradicates flea larvae
  • Stops mosquitoes biting
  • Stops ticks

One of the most popular options apart from our discount Frontline, Advantix for Dogs is the best option if you wish to ensure that ticks, fleas and mosquitoes are never a problem for a whole month.

It begins to work within 5 minutes and in 12 hours a minimum of 98% of fleas and ticks are eliminated, making it the fastest working medication on the market.


Imidacloprid (8.8%), Permethrin (44.0%)

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