Advantage II For Dogs

Advantage For DogsThe new and improved Advantage II for Dogs , just like Advantage II for Cats, is an extremely popular flea medication that works extremely well. We have sourced the best price Advantage II for Dogs so buy discount Advantage today and keep your pet protected. We now also have new Advantage II for Dogs as an option too.

Advantage Topical Flea Treatment For Dogs

Advantage gets rid of fleas as well as larvae before they hatch and lice as well. Given every 4 weeks it keeps your pet totally protected and as it works so quickly it is the medication of choice for many owners. Fleas will be a thing of the past in 12 hours and inside of 20 minutes flea eggs will be dealt with.

Any new fleas encountered by Dogs in the month following medication will be eliminated within 2 hours making it perfect for those that know their pet may encounter other animals with flea problems. Buy discount Advantage for Dogs and fleas will be a thing of he past.


Imidacloprid (9.1%)

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