When To Give Heartworm Medicine

In the heartworm medicine guide we give details of all the options available but many wonder when to give heartworm medicine in the first place. There is one rule that really defines just when to give heartworm medicine and it all comes down to the (not so) humble mosquitoes.

How Do Pets Get Heartworms?

There is only one way that animals develop heartworms and many people simply do not realize this. It is only by the bite of an infected mosquito.

Animals cannot pass heartworms to other animals. They need to be bitten by an infected mosquito. So, although obviously if you live in an area where there are both a lot of infected animals and a lot of mosquitoes the risk is significantly higher, it is actually the mosquito that is the real culprit.

When To Medicate For Heartworms

The hard and fast rule for heartworm medications is;

If mosquitoes are present then you should medicate.

Not all of us live in climates where it is cold enough at times of the year for mosquitoes to not be present. If you live somewhere with mild weather then it is highly recommended that you medicate every month of the year. In fact the American Heartworm Association recommends that you follow this course of action anyway. This is for a number of reasons.

  • It gives total peace of mind
  • It guarantees heartworms will never be an issue
  • It is extremely cheap so why take the risk
  • It means the test for heartworms at the vets is not needed

If we medicate every month of the year then we know for sure our pets are safe. It means that the normal test at the vets is not required as our pets have been medicated every month.

If you do not do this then it is of prime importance that your vet carries out a test for the presence of heartworms before you resume treatment. Owners find it easier and more cost effective to simply continue using a heartworm medicine every month of the year. Total peace of mind and total protection is certainly the course of action that we recommend.