What Is The Best Flea Medicine For My Dog?

What are the best methods to control fleas on Dogs?

Something we get asked a lot. It really all comes down to just how severe and how often the problem occurs.

Let’s do a quick run through of a few different scenarios first:

  • Your Dog seldom gets fleas
  • Your pet gets fleas every month
  • Your pet has never had fleas before but it has now happened
  • You are nearly always over-run with fleas

One of these options will be, in all likelihood, what you are now facing.

So here are the best ways to get rid of fleas depending on the severity of the problem.

The Best Flea Medication For Uncommon Flea Infestations

The Capstar flea pill is the best option if your pet does not get fleas very often and you just need to get rid of the problem quickly and with no fuss. This is a simple pill that works to eradicate fleas in just a few hours. Nothing works quite as quickly.

This is for short-term eradication only. It is used mainly to simply get rid of the fleas on animals that do not suffer from this problem very often. It also then protects for 24 hours.

Best Flea Medicine For Dogs That Get Regular Infestations

Most will have already heard of it and it is the most popular and the best flea medicine for Dogs. It is Frontline Plus for Dogs. This is fast acting, although not as quick as Capstar. It gets rid of existing fleas in all forms. From eggs to to larvae as well as adult fleas. Capstar just gets rid of adult fleas.

It then goes on to protect for a period of 30 days. This is by far the best option for anyone that has regular occurring flea infestations and it is certainly the absolute best way to ensure that they always stay flea free and totally protected.

We recommend it if your pet is prone to getting fleas on a rather regular basis.