K9 Advantix II vs Frontline Plus

A lot of owners find it really rather difficult to decide which medication is best. Is Frontline Plus better than K9 Advantix II? It is hard for people to find information that offers clear advice on the differences so this is what I shall be addressing here today.

K9 Advantix II vs Frontline Plus

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Prices For Frontline Plus And K9 Advantix II

Let’s take a look at the prices first. You can see the prices for both on our sales pages. See Frontline Plus for Dogs and K9 Advantix II for Dogs for the exact up to the minute prices. What you will find though is that actually Advantix II is a few dollars cheaper. So, as I mentioned in the cheap K9 Advantix blog post, it really is a very affordable medication to be using.

This is not to say that Frontline Plus is expensive, it isn’t. It is still a very affordable medication and is certainly the more popular option. So if you wonder which is better for my Dog, K9 Advantix or Frontline Plus as far as price is concerned then Advantix is slightly ahead.

Does Frontline Work Better Than K9 Advantix II

Frontline will eliminate fleas and ticks very quickly, just as will Advantix. Seeing if Advantix is better than Frontline Plus really is down to simply using each and seeing which performs the best.

Owners seem to experience different effects on different Dogs so it really is impossible to say which will be best for your pet. We are finding that in different areas of the country medications seem to work differently. There is conjecture that fleas especially may be becoming slightly more immune to the medications that we use and it can differ from area to area.

The best thing to do is to pick one and then to see how well it works. It really can be different for all Dogs. We are unsure of the reasons but some animals simply respond better to one medication that the other.

Which Is Safer Frontline Or Advantix

Again this really is down to the individual animals. However both have a very low incidence of adverse reactions. Some animals may get a slight rash where the liquid is applied to their skin, but for the most part animals respond very well to either option and side effects are very few and far between.

Frontline or K9 Advantix II

As stated it really is down to the individual animal as to what it will respond best too. With one or the other you may find the odd flea or tick present so if this happens I would certainly recommend that you try a different option.

Always ensuring that you wait a month between applications.

What I would personally recommend is Advantix II for Dogs. This is primarily as it offers a large degree of protection against mosquitoes. Although heartworm medicine is recommended it still does not hurt to use a medication that guards very well against mosquitoes. A bite from a mosquito can lead to heartworms if the animals are not given monthly protection it is certainly a good idea to use a medication that controls these bites to a large degree.

Advantix II is not a 100% perfect when it comes to protecting from the mosquito though so I would suggest that a heartworm medication once a month should be used anyway and regardless of which you pick, Frontline or Advantix.

With the current prices though it would save a little amount of money  if you purchased Advantix II so you may like to buy this option if money is a concern, which, for most of us, it is. Hopefully this Frontline Plus vs K9 Advantix II article has left you a little better informed.