Heartgard Plus Or Revolution

Having compared Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix for flea protection I now want to turn my attentions to comparing two of the most popular heartworm medications.

Heartgard plus or Revolution is a question a number of owners have asked, they want to know which one is better and which one to pick.

Let’s take a look and see.

Which Is Better Heartgard Plus Or Revolution

You can view more about the products and check the prices, by going to the sales pages.

Heartgard Plus Chewables

Revolution For Dogs

But if you want to see what my personal opinion is on what to use then please read on:

A Brief Overview

First we need to know what each medication does. Both are a heartworm medicine. Heartgard also protects against common intestinal worms. Heartgard Plus comes in a tasty chewable form so medicating is never an issue.

We simply give the beef chewables to our pets and they devour them just as they would any other tasty treat.

Revolution stops heartworms but also deals with the problem of flea infestations. It also stops new infestations for one month. It is applied externally in liquid form directly to the skin along the ridge of the back.

Making A Decision

To a large degree what you pick is going to be based on where you live. Many areas are simply not as prone to flea problems as others. But in my experience most Dogs get fleas at some point during the year.

I would recommend that yo use Revolution when fleas may be a problem as it means we only need to use one medication to stop both heartworms and fleas.

Then, when fleas are no longer an issue I would then use Heartgard Plus for the rest of the year to protect against heartworms. In this way you spend only what you need to, Revolution is about the same price as popular flea meds alone so it is certainly better to use Revolution than just a flea medication.

But when this extra protection is not needed then simply wait a month and then switch to the tasty Heartgard Plus chewables to continue to protect against heartworms.

It is important that you never use more than one heartworm medication in the course of a single month so make sure that you wait the full period before you make the switch.