Heartgard Plus No Prescription

We deal with a few select suppliers here at the cheap pet meds and supplies site, and we are lucky enough to have a supplier for you that ships Heartgard Plus no prescription.

This is very rare and most places will certainly require a Vets prescription, but we see no reason as long as a few things are kept firmly in mind. We will take a look at that shortly but first please see our sales page for more information:

Heartgard Plus no prescription

Orders are processed quickly and efficiently and for the best possible prices as you will see. Orders for cheap Heartgard Plus chewables are dispatched in record time and we have yet to hear of a lost package after many thousands of orders from our selected supplier. This is without doubt the most popular heartworm medicine available and the easiest to give.

But let’s look at what we need to be sure of before we do buy and use Heartgard Plus with no RX.

Using Heartgard No Prescription

Of course, it is vital that we give a monthly medication to ensure our pets stay heartworm free. But we also need to ensure that before we begin using a heartworm medicine that they do not already have the adult form of heartworms that causes the problems.

This entails a test performed at our local Veterinarians. It needs to be done once so that we are sure that our pets are free from heartworms. If you get the all clear then there is absolutely no reason why you need to pay the prices at the vets for the actual medications. Many people simply cannot afford it, this is especially true of those that have a few animals to medicate monthly.

Once pets Are Given The All Clear

We are now finding that many of the orders for Heartgard without prescription are for a years supply. And this makes total sense. You see, if we only treat for a part of the year then the test needs to be performed again before we resume giving Heartgard. If more than a few months occur between medicating then the test should be performed. But if we buy Heartgard Plus chewables and use every month then we KNOW that our pets have been protected and are free of heartworms.

So then we do not need to get the test done. It makes sense from an economic point of view, but even more importantly from the point of view of our pets health.

Giving a monthly prescription free Heartgard chewable means our pets do not need the vets test for heartworms and it means that we are SURE that they are protected and free of heartworms. So, buy Heartgard no prescription as long as you are sure that it is then safe to give to your pets on a monthly basis.