Heartgard Plus All Year?

Many owners have asked if they should use Heartgard Plus all year, the best heartworm medicine. There are a few differing opinions on this so we though it  best to give an answer that is going to still ensure that your pet is at no risk of developing adult heartworms that can be of such a danger to their health.

Giving Heartgard Plus Chewables

Our Heartgard Plus chewables are cheap, thanks to a great supplier, but of course if we don’t need to use all year that is by far the cheapest option.

So how do we know if we need to give them all year or not?

The Temperature

Heartworms are given to our pets by infected mosquitoes so this is what we need to base our decision on. Are there mosquitoes present or is there a risk that they could be?

If the answer to this question is yes then we need to make sure that we give our pets a heartworm medication. We give monthly so if there is the risk of a mosquito then we should medicate that month.

What this means in reality is that those that have cold winters will find that the temperature is low enough that there are no mosquitoes present. So the chance of heartworms is absolutely minimal, if non-existent.

But if we live in a warmer climate where we do not really get severe cold or real winters then there is a much higher chance that a mosquito that carries the heartworm infection may be present.

And if we live somewhere that is warm all year then we MUST give a suitable medication like Heartgard Plus each and every month.

Only owners can really decide what is best.

What we are finding though is that more and more owners are now deciding that the risk is not really worth it. As Heartgard is so cheap they are deciding that they will simply medicate each and every month just to be on the safe side.

This also then means that if you continue to mediate ever month you do not need the yearly check at the vets in case your pet has heartworms. They have been continually medicated so they won’t be developing adult heartworms.