Generic Advantix Best Price

There is certainly no doubt that Advantix is an excellent medication to protect our pets, and now generic Advantix is available. We have the best price for generic Advantix online and with no prescription needed this is an extremely popular product.

Save a large amount over buying the branded version but get the exact same results.

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Best price Generic Advantix

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We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of not only the cheap generic Advantix for sale but also to talk a little about generics in general. Many people are dubious about buying anything that is not the actual brand name when it comes to medications, both human and for pets.

Is Generic Advantix As Effective

As with all generics the reality is that they are all just as effective as the branded product.

Here is how the system works.

Companies go through many years of trials to get medications passed so that they can be put for sale on the open market. With brands such as K9 Advantix as with all others there is a lot of expense involved and rigorous tests are carried out.

Once the green light is given for them to be sold they are given an exclusive license to be the sole seller for that particular combination of drugs. This lasts for a number of year and then the exclusivity is no longer theirs. This then leaves other companies open to sell the exact same combination of drugs under a different license and name. And this is exactly what we now have for Advantix.

The results are the same, the low risk of side effects is the same, but the price is different. We are buying from a name that we may not know so there is no way that the price could be the same as for the branded version. Plus the new company has not had to spend as much to get the product to market.

All of this is great news for the public, maybe not so good for the original licensee. But, for those that want the great results without the price tag of Advantix then this is great news indeed. Compare the price difference and see if the generic Advantix for Dogs is worth buying for you personally, but the results are going to be exactly the same.