Fiproguard Plus For Dogs And Cats

We have been getting inquiries about Fiproguard Plus for Dogs and Cats so I thought it may be a good idea, here at the Pet Meds blog, to give a bit of a rundown on exactly what Fiproguard is and the differences between this generic Frontline Plus and the real thing.

As we keep up to date with the best prices for both the generic and the brand name we advise you to check the prices for both from the cheapest supplier after you have read this article to see if the price difference is worthwhile. You can simply use the buttons on the sales pages to quickly check if the generic is worth the difference in price or not.

Frontline Plus Dogs

Frontline Plus Cats

Fiproguard Plus Dogs

Fiproguard Plus Cats

Let’s address people’s questions and concerns:

Is Fiproguard Plus Safe

Fiproguard is not going to be totally safe for absolutely all pets. But this should not be seen as unusual. All pets meds, as in all human medications, always carry some risk of associated side effects. With Fiproguard the most common is a slight redness where the liquid is applied to the skin.

But this is in a small number of cases and is no more of an increased risk than it is if we used the branded Frontline or any other medication. All meds carry a slight risk of side effects but they are very rare indeed and really should not be a cause for concern. If you pet has not reacted to Frontline then it will not react to Fiproguard.

What Is The Difference Between Fiproguard And Frontline

As there is no difference in how pets react to either option we can assume that the meds are the same, but are they?

They are, we are basically buying generic Frontline that is designed to work in the exact same manner. Either option works in the same way, eliminating fleas, ticks and chewing lice.

How Long Does Fiproguard Work For

Fiproguard Plus works for about 4 weeks to keep your pet protected. In extreme cases it may need to be applied a little more often, but conversely, others find that it offer protection for up to 6 weeks. But as a general rule we can expect to need to apply it about once a month during the season where fleas and ticks are at their most active.

Why Is Fiproguard Cheaper

The Fiproguard price, the generic flea medicine for Cats and Dogs,  is generally a little lower than for Frontline Plus simply as it is a generic. What this means is that the exclusive rights to the combination of active ingredients used in Frontline has run out. Other companies are now free to use the combination of ingredients to make their own products.

It means that they have not gone to the same expense of bringing a new drug to the market. This is expensive and take years to get back with sales. Fiproguard is cheaper as they have not had to go through this process as Frontline have already ensured that the medications are safe and effective for animals.

What Are The Active Ingredients In Fiproguard

Fipronil and (S)-methoprene are the active ingredients. The same as in the branded product. They are present in the exact same ratios and we would never be able to tell them apart.

I recommend that you take a loot at the different prices for both the branded version and the generic version and pick what you feel best suits your budget and also one that gives you confidence in the product. But the reality is that you are buying the exact same active ingredients that work in the exact same way. The only difference is going to be the pricing and the packaging.