Do Puppies Need Heartworm Medicine

We get a few emails asking do puppies need heartworm medicine. The heartworm society have many answers to other related heartworm questions but we will address this question here.

The reality is that puppies under 6 weeks of age do NOT need a heartworm medicine. They will have been safe with their mother for the first few weeks, never leaving here side. And for up to the 6 week mark there is simply not time for them to develop any dangerous symptoms even if they have been infected by a heartworm carrying mosquito.

The fact is that once animals get infected they are not immediately in danger. It takes months for the worms to develop, grow, and move to the heart muscle. So if we begin to use a heartworm medicine from the age of 6 weeks for puppies then they are safe.

Which Heartworm Medicine Is Best For Puppies

This is down to you the owner deciding what kind of protection you want. We recommend Heartgard Plus chewables as this option is easy to administer and also protects against common intestinal worms as well. Being able to medicate easily is important and Heartgard comes in a tasty beef chewable that all animals seem to absolutely adore. And your little puppy is going to be no exception.

Offer the little fellow the medication and it will be wolfed down in seconds. Don’t be surprised if they look at you with their sad puppy eyes and ask for more. Obviously never do this though, once a month is the absolute maximum dosage for all Dogs.

Puppies do need heartworm medicine but never before the age of six weeks. Please make sure that you stick to this recommendation and then it is best advised to give the Dog a monthly pill every month of the year to ensure that they stay safe and protected and in absolutely no danger of developing heartworm problems.