Do Cats That Live Indoors Need A Heartworm Medicine

Many people say that they do not give a heartworm medicine as their Cat lives indoors. We have seen a number of queries relating to this, the most common being

does my Cat need a heartworm medicine if it never goes outside?

The fact is that unless you live in a totally sealed environment then there is every chance that mosquitoes get into your home. It is nowhere near as likely that your Cat will be infected by a larvae carrying mosquito if it mostly or always stays indoors but the risk is still there.

If there are heartworms in your area then it is just as important to give a monthly medication as it is if your Cat is an outdoors type.

It only takes one bite from one infected mosquito for your pet to then be carrying what can be a potential killer. So ensure that however your Cat lives you give a medication once a month to keep it protected.

Price are not high so you are able to ensure your Cats safety for a low monthly cost.

How Often To Give The Heartworm Medicine For Cats

The heartworm society of America is now recommending that all pets should be given year round medication. This means picking one of the heartworm medicine for Cats options and giving it or applying it every single month of the year.

In this way yo are ensuring that your pet is totally protected. Even if your Cats is very much a stay at home pet and never really ventures out of doors it is still highly recommend that you take this simple precaution to ensure heartworms are never an issue.