Cat Heartworm Medicine

Many Cat owners are coming to realize the absolute importance of Cat heartworm medicine. It is imperative that they are given monthly protection as if allowed to develop there is no known effective cure for dealing with adult heartworms in Cats.

This article is to explain the options owners have for heartworm medicine for Cats so they can be kept safe for a discount price. Please see our three options sales pages for the low prices.

Advantage Multi for Cats best price

best price Revolution for Cats

Heartgard Plus chewables

It really does depend on a single factor as to what you decide to buy. If fleas are an issue then it is best advised to buy either Advantage Multi or Revolution. Both are applied externally to the skin and both then keep Cats protected from fleas and heartworms for a month.

Heartgard chewables are for stopping heartworms developing but do not protect against fleas. Owners use it if fleas are not an issue. It is easy to medicate with Heartgard though as the tablets are actually a soft and chewable treat for them. They eat it if given directly or if it is put in their food.

Owners have found that if they currently are using a flea medication then the most cost effective thing to do is to switch to one of the combination medications. Both Advantage Multi and Revolution cost just about the same as popular flea meds so it makes sense to switch to one of them.

Other options are to use the combination medications at the time of year that fleas are an issue and then to wait a month and then switch to Heartgard for the rest of the year. This is totally safe to do as long as a month is allowed between giving the two different types of heartworm medications for Cats.