Cat Fleas Symptoms

A lot of owners are lucky enough that their Cats do not often suffer from fleas. And when it happens for the first time many are not actually sure if their pet actually has fleas or not.

So how do we tell if a Cat has fleas?

It is actually very simple. You will find that your Cat will be scratching and itching a lot more than usual. It is usually going to be behind the ears but can be on any part of their body.

Another simple way to know if your pet has fleas is to look for red marks on their skin. This is normally the sign that your Cat has fleas.

How To Stop Fleas On Cats

There are a number of recommended remedies. The best is going to ensure that the fleas are gone in a matter of  hours.

We can use Capstar flea pills for Cats to clear up the problem in just a few hours. This is a simple pill that we give and the fleas will be gone very quickly. It then affords flea protection for a day.

If the problem is only infrequent or has happened for the first time then this is a great option. But if it is recurring or you think it may be then Frontline is the best medication to use.

Frontline Plus for Cats is available for a great low price and there is no doubt that it is the most popular option. We apply to the skin along their backbone and then they get total protection for a whole month.

If you see red marks on your Cats skin or they are itching more than normal then one of these options should be used. And if you look at them carefully you will actually see a flea jump. If this is the case then apply as soon as possible with Frontline or buy the Capstar pill and give immediately.